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About us:

Bump and Beyond is a privately run mothers group program based in Adelaide. Each of our mothers groups include ten mums who are wanting to be connected to other local mums. Each week we invite a local expert to our session to educate our new mums on a topic that they will find useful in their babies first year. We cover things like sleep, nutrition, postnatal exercise, mental health etc. our local experts talk for 30-45 minutes on their area of expertise before offering information about their service. The aim is to connect mums with a variety of services that they can call upon if they need help in the future. We pride ourselves on being a safe, secure and connective service to support mums. We are looking for a bright, energetic and passionate person to join our team. We love the idea of building a little work family who share the same values and ideals as we hold.

About The Job: 

We are in need of some mummas who have a great sense of humour and a way with words who would love to judge baby and mumma products/services in a real, relevant, and helpful way for our mum community. 


We are always getting mums asking for feedback about particular products in our groups so we have decided to create a central location we can provide mums with feedback of products we have used ourselves. There are a million products out there and especially with baby number one it is so hard to know which products you need and which will just gather dust. 


I know when reading reviews of products myself I love it when there is a sense of humour and sense of authenticity to them so our review section will only be for products or services our B&B Team have personally used so we would love a review writer that is interested in joining our team and can share information from their own journey to find the perfect mamma and baby products. 



Our reviews need to be kept short sharp and shiny with a dash of sparkle so busy mums on the go can gain the information they need at a glance. Each review will be around 100-150 words longs. We will be paying $10-$15 per review and our writers can go ahead and review any approved products they have had experience with. Meaning you could go ahead and write 50 reviews if you wanted to. Our other team members at Bump and Beyond have had some great and not so great experiences also with products so we can send you our experiences in a nutshell via voice memos as inspiration for some further reviews. 


There will be no deadlines. Essentially the more you write the more you get paid. All we will ask is that you send through products you are wanting to review for approval so we can ensure we have a range of products being showcased and not just similar versions of the same thing. Although we are keen for you to review products and services from your own experiences we would also love you to produce reviews using our (the rest of the teams) experiences also as we communicate with our B&B mums often and hear the types of things they are interested in knowing more about.


About You:

Please don’t feel you need to be a professional writer for this job. We would prefer review writers who are in the day to day trenches of motherhood compared to someone who has babysat once and has a Masters degree in English. It would be great if our reviewers are mummas themselves as that personal experience does become a connecting factor for our readers. We do also get companies sending us products to trial or services to try out so if we can pass these opportunities on to your families to try that is an added bonus for you (and us) that you can trial things at home with your little ones. 


How to apply…

We would love you to give it a go and write a review on a product or service you have used during your pregnancy or baby/toddler experience. The review needs to be 100 characters long and cover 

Pros, cons, value for money and a rating. When talking pros and cons we find our mums are interested in information like - how often you actually used the product, how accessible and easy to use it is and safety information. 

To apply just send us an email with a little bit of information about you along with an example 100 word review of a product you found helpful in your pre or postnatal journey to 

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