So here you are, faced with the most challenging and confronting experience of your life so far...becoming a mother. The journey through pregnancy followed by the exciting but overwhelming beginnings of motherhood can be some of the scariest and isolating months of your life. While our health system does its best to support first-time mums, unfortunately the demand is so high that sometimes finding a group to support you comes with a waitlist longer than you can bear to think of. 


Having a child can break and then make us…teaching us the hardest lessons in letting go and embracing the unpredictable, pushing our multitasking ability to its limits and testing our patience like never before – all on minimal sleep! 


Bump and Beyond was created to offer new mums education, advice, friendship, and support when they need it! It's a well crafted and passionately driven program with a high level of care and attention to detail that new mums need and deserve. It is a tribe of mothers, learning, laughing, crying, discussing, and enjoying motherhood together.​


Your Mother’s group program will have nine other new mums with babies around the same age as yours. Each session is two hours long and will be held weekly on a designated day and time. Your group facilitator will become a great support for you over the course of your program and beyond. Each week the session will start with a 45 minute to an hour master class run by a local expert on one of the important topics that you might find useful in the first year of your child's life.

Session topics may include:


  • Self-care and mental health 

  • Postnatal body care and exercise 

  • Newborn sleep

  • Newborn first aid tips

  • Child development and newborn sensory activities 

  • Starting solids and allergy advice 

  • Registering for childcare, preschool, kindergarten and primary school 

  • Baby carrying. Choosing the baby carrier right for you and your baby.

  • Cloth nappies 

Our guest speakers are leaders/professionals in their area and are based in Adelaide. This not only provides you with accurate and focused information but it will connect you with services which you may want to seek further support with in the future. 

Well they are just chilling out with you. We conduct the sessions sitting in a semi circle formation with mats and blankets in front of each mum. Your baby will have an opportunity to lay back, play, have their tummy time, feed, sleep or just have cuddles while we chat. All presenters and facilitators are no strangers to baby noise - they work with children and babies all the time. Our sessions are a safe space where you can get up, walk around, lay down, breast/bottle feed or change nappies. You will be surrounded by people who are living the same phase of life as you. 


Becoming a parent is about so much more than giving birth and taking care of your newborn. It’s about birthing and raising parents too. Even though you may be surrounded by a loving caring and well meaning family there is something special in having women around who are going through the similar challenges, routines, developmental stages as you are. Bump and Beyond is a hub for all new parents and parents to be. Through our holistic prenatal and postnatal services we will:

  • Connect you with other new mums 

  • Support you to build self-awareness and confidence as a mum

  • Engage you in targeted discussions that attend to your needs and interests

  • Empower you with skills and knowledge to better navigate motherhood

  • Help you work through the multitude of feelings, expectations and transformations that naturally come with this new role and identity.

  • Empower you as caregivers with the skills, support networks, strategies and resources to gently navigate through this new experience of parenting.

  • Increase your insight and conscious connection with yourself and your baby, your partner, family and friends and other like-minded expectant parents.

  • Assist in identifying your key priorities and needs as expectant and new parents


Our sessions include:

  • A highly qualified neonatal nurse to facilitate/support you and your group. 

  • Educational sessions led by leading Adelaide professional in the baby and pre/postnatal support industry.

  • Gift bag with some fantastic products to try at home

  • Building connections with mums who have babies around the same age as you.

  • Access to deals and offers with support services

  • A delicious, locally sourced organic morning tea.

  • Unlimited tea and coffee throughout your session. 

  • Opportunity to use/trial some high-quality educational toys with your babies throughout the session. 


per session

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