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Under the guidance of your facilitator, you will join nine other mums with babies of a similar age. Sessions run for 1.5 hours and are held weekly, for 6 weeks, at our beautiful workshop at The Goodhub . Each session includes  morning tea, informative digital or face to face presentations from a local professional or expert, time for connection with other mums and babies as well as opportunity to ask questions and share your experiences.


We have some pre scheduled face to face expert talks included in your program and then a host of quality digital presentations you can choose from for your other sessions. As a group you will select several to view and discuss throughout the duration your program. You will also receive access to our complete library of digital presentations so you can view, revisit and share valuable information with your partner and other caregivers at home. 




Digital presentations include information about:

Baby Massage

·       The benefits of baby massage

·       Baby massage techniques

·       How to structure a baby massage session 

·       Appropriate oils to use

Baby Wearing

·       The benefits of baby carrying

·       Your different options if you decide to baby carry

·       How to use a variety of carriers

·       Baby carrier safety

Chiropractic care for infants, children and pregnancy

·       Adjusting your body post pregnancy

·       How chiropractic support can encourage quicker postnatal healing

·       Pregnancy and chiropractic care

·       How a chiropractor can help your baby post birth

Early Learning: establishing Literacy and Numeracy foundations

·       Early literacy and language milestones

·       Early literacy and language activities and supportive habits

·       What to do if you are worried about language delays

·       Early years numeracy development

·       Supporting numeracy development at home

Early years play ideas

·       The importance of play

·       Play ideas to encourage development at home

·       Types of toys and how they enhance development

Enrolling in childcare and early learning services

·       The different types of care available

·       When to start thinking about care

·       Things to look out for during tours

·       Questions to ask

·       Child care rebates

First Aid: choking and allergy first aid

·       Choking First Aid

·       The difference between choking and gagging

·       Key points on how to minimise choking risks​

Infant sleep guidelines and support

·       Optimal sleep environments

·       Awake times for various ages and stages

·       The importance of a wind down routine

·       How an early bed time can assist with sleep

·       The importance of consistency

Oral health for babies and children

·       When and how to begin dental care with infants

·       Dummies and infant tooth development

·       Bottles and drink cups options for healthy teeth development

·       Teeth trauma

Paediatric nutrition and starting solids

·       Complementary feeding

·       When to start solids

·       How to get started

·       Baby lead weaning vs spoon feeding

·       Essential nutrients needed in baby's diet

·       How to progress through foods

Postnatal care

·       Birth Trauma

·       Thinking about baby number two

·       Your pregnancy care options for future pregnancies

·       Lactation support

Postnatal Naturopathy

·       Hormone imbalance post pregnancy and birth

·       Infant gut health

·       Immune strengthening

Postnatal Psychology

·       The psychological transition to motherhood

·       Postnatal depression

·       Mum guilt and how to manage it

·       Mindful strategies to use at home

Postnatal Physiotherapy

·       Mastitis

·       Pelvic floor recovery

·       Sex and intimacy post birth

·       Post-partum abdominal separation


We are passionate about caring for mum as well as baby. We provide a fresh, dietary sensitive morning tea professionally catered by local business Basics to Brilliance. You can choose to enjoy this during your session or take it home with you to help fuel your body later in the day. We also provide a selection of herbal teas and coffee.

In the final week of your program a photographer will join you to capture some beautiful images of you and your baby. As a celebration of your journey with Bump and Beyond you will receive one quality image to keep and a no obligation opportunity to purchase additional images if you wish. 


At Bump and Beyond we conduct our sessions in a relaxed and comfortable setting with an individual space provided for each mum and baby. Your little one will be right with you the whole time. You are able to move around, lay down, feed and change baby as you need. Your baby is able to stretch, play, have tummy time, feed, sleep and cuddle with you while we chat. Rest assured, our facilitators are no strangers to baby voices. They work with children and babies all the time so you don't need to worry if your little one is unsettled.


Motherhood is a tough gig and caring for a newborn can be isolating and overwhelming. In those early weeks and months it can feel like an absolute mission to leave the house. Connecting with women who are going through a similar experience to you is a wonderful way to extend your support network and encourage you to get out of the house. A regular outing is great for you and your little one and can do wonders for your mental health.

Through our holistic prenatal and postnatal services we aim to:


  • Connect you with other new mums and additional support services.

  • Educate and inform you about infant and child development.

  • Encourage you to get out of the house and socialise with your baby.

  • Nurture your insight and conscious connection with yourself and your baby.

  • Provide you with skills and knowledge to help better navigate pregnancy and motherhood.

  • Support you to build self-awareness and confidence in your new role as a mum.

  • Work with you through the multitude of feelings, changes and surprises associated with becoming a parent.


      Our 8 week Mothers Group program includes:

  • A midwife to facilitate your group and offer ongoing support.

  • A welcome gift bag filled with quality products to try at home.

  • Opportunity to connect with mums with babies of a similar age.

  • Access to discounts and offers with local services.

  • A delicious, dietary sensitive morning tea  

  • Educational presentations delivered by leading Adelaide professionals in the baby and pre/postnatal support industry 

  • Access to 13 digital presentations for partners and caregivers to access at home.

  • Little gift/ activity packs to support the material covered in our digital presnetations eg Baby massage oil pack, DIY Baby sensory bottle activity and DIY baby handprint activity kit

  • Access to hire out our Sensory Story Sacks designed by our Early Years Education Specalists to help promote literacy at home.

  • A professional photograph of you and your baby to keep. 

per program

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