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Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin Sleep Consultant

Kelly Martin is a mother of three and a certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant who has supported thousands of families to develop and maintain healthy sleep habits.


Kelly Martin Sleep Consultancy was born out of Kelly's personal struggles with catnapping, night waking and sleep deprivation while raising her own children. After experiencing first-hand the benefits of working with a sleep consultant she was inspired to change careers and become a sleep consultant herself. Now, for over 6 years, Kelly has used a gentle, evidence-based approach to guide families through sleep challenges and help them get a good night's rest.


Kelly and her growing team are your baby sleep whisperers. They've lived through the depths of sleep deprivation and know the overwhelming feelings a difficult sleep phase brings. Offering a variety of services, they are committed to supporting you and your family develop healthy sleep foundations through education, understanding and compassion.  

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 Loukia Papageorgiou
Chiropractic on Winston 

Graduating in 2015, Loukia is a AHPRA registered Chiropractor. She has obtained a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Master of Chiropractic. She is certified in Professional Applied Kinesiology, has completed her Bodyworker Certification through Tongue Tie institute, and has completed a diploma in Paediatrics through ChiroPaeds Australia. Loukia has been developing her standard of care in different clinics through Adelaide before opening Chiropractic on Winston.


Loukia and her team believe that healthcare isn’t just about the individual, it’s about the community. Healthy pregnancies, healthy children and health in our later life strengthen not only the individual, but the community as a whole.
Loukia is committed to helping create a strong and healthy community by forging professional, trust-based relationships with patients and providing the best level of care. She takes great pride in working with the community and seeing families thrive with Chiropractic care.

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Kat Warr opened the doors to her Norwood based Physiotherapy practice in 2015 with a big vision. First and foremost, to provide the highest quality care in physiotherapy for women, through a holistic and specialised approach. Naturally.

But equally important, Kat holds space to radically change the conversation and landscape around women’s health, to normalise the things that sometimes make us feel…not so normal.


The Ivoryrose mission is to spark unabashed conversations and get women feeling confident through the good, the bad and the (not so) lovely bits of womanhood. From the young mum, thick in the blurry fog of new motherhood, to the matriarch looking to gently reconnect with her body, Kat and her highly qualified team want every woman to feel strong, connected and in control of her body.

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Caroline Grisold
Mellow Moments Baby Massage

Caroline Grisold is a Paediatric Massage Consultant (PMC) certified by Infant Massage Information Service (IMIS), the largest provider of infant massage training within Australia. Originally from the UK, where she trained in paediatric and neonatal nursing, Caroline moved to Australia more than 7 years ago finding herself a new home on the Fleurieu Peninsula.


Caroline specialises in neonatal care and continues her work here in South Australia caring for preterm and term babies and their families. Through this important work she has witnessed first-hand the benefits of positive touch on babies' cognitive, emotional and physical development as well as the flow on effects for parents and caregivers. These experiences inspired Caroline to become a certified PMC and to share the benefits of infant massage with the broader community. Caroline's vision was to create Mellow Moments Baby Massage, a massage education service away from the clinical environment which allows parents and caregivers to learn the skill of infant massage and connect with their baby in a relaxing environment. Caroline takes great pride in educating families and professionals offering in-home visits as well as working with community groups and services.

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Kat Warr
Ivoryrose Women's Health and Physiotherapy

Hannah Willsmore
Hypnobirthing and Midwifery Support

Hannah Willsmore is a AHPRA Registered/Endorsed Midwife in private practice, IBCLC, and award winning childbirth educator based in Adelaide. With her background working as a Midwife in multiple hospitals in a variety of settings she knows the 'ins-and-outs' of the maternity system here in Australia, and is passionate about helping women to achieve a positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience.


Hannah has completed further study in hypnobirthing, graduated as a Beautiful You Coaching Academy Life Coach and has completed postgraduate midwifery studies in Prescribing, Screening and Diagnostics which allows her to prescribe medications and order ultrasounds/blood tests when necessary. She has a passion for education and holistic, evidence based care, and strives to support women to thrive, not just survive in their new role. Hannah and her team currently offer a variety of midwifery services including in home antenatal (pregnancy) and postnatal (after birth) midwifery care, Hypnobirthing courses, as well as video and phone consultations for women not in SA.

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Anna Ritan
Nourish Little Lives 

Anna Ritan is a mother of three, a Paediatric Dietitian and Nutritionist, and creator of Nourish Little Lives. As an accredited Practicing Dietitian-Nutritionist with over 12 years experience, Anna specializes in paediatric and neonatal nutritional therapy and dietary education. She has worked with thousands of families supporting infants, children and their caregivers through premature birth, starting solids, feeding difficulties, disabilities, allergies, fussy eating, growth issues and gut health concerns. 


Knowing there is so much conflicting and confusing information out there, Anna began Nourish Little Lives to provide families with evidence-based nutrition information to assist them in making informed decisions about their child's nutrition. She is committed to forming strong relationships with clients and is skilled at working with families to address their child's individual nutritional needs. As a busy mum herself, Anna is focussed on working closely with families to find individual, practical and realistic strategies that work. Anna's vision is for Nourish Little Lives to be a place where parents can seek clarity, inspiration and quality support in nourishing their family. 

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Sara is a mother of one, a qualified babywearing consultant and founder of Embraced Beginnings Babywearing Consultations and Workshops. For Sara keeping her baby close was instinctive however, she found the world of babywearing overwhelming and had difficulty finding appropriate advice and support. After spending a great deal of time researching she discovered Kangatraining, a babywearing fitness program. It only took one class for Sarah to fall in love with Kangatraining. The joyful workouts reinforced her desire to maintain a close physical and emotional connection with her baby, so much so that she went on to become a qualified Kangatrainer herself.


Sara's passion for babywearing led her to train with the Australian Babywearing Association to become a babywearing consultant. Study kept her busy during 2020 and Embraced Beginnings was born. Now Sara shares her extensive babywearing knowledge with parents and caregivers throughout Adelaide. Her mission is to help other families embrace their own babywearing journey and feel empowered and confident to use their carriers safely and comfortably.


Baby Sensory South Australia

Baby Sensory offers unique sensory-based developmental classes from birth to 13 months to aid brain development in the first year of life. The programme was created by an expert in child development, Dr. Lin Day and classes are high quality with all the little details thought of. Classes are different every single week and are a fantastic way to meet other Families, learn more about your baby's development and have a truly magical experience with your baby. All baby sensory facilitators have a true passion for babies and their development. They have all completed a number of courses regarding baby and child development and have a great knowledge base around sensory input and brain development. Classes are available all over Adelaide and they offer a follow on programme called Toddler Sense for children up to 4 years.

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Embraced Beginnings

Karina Pike
Body Institute

Karina Pike is a mother of one and the Director/principal Naturopath at the Body Institute, Adelaide’s leading Naturopathy and wellness clinic. Karina founded her original clinic Sowelu Wellness in 2012 and has always had a strong passion for natural therapies and a holistic approach to health. Completing her advanced diploma in Western Herbal Medicine and an advanced diploma in Naturopathy in 2009, Karina has over 10 years of clinical experience and holds a current membership with the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association.


The Body Institute mission is to educate, empower and supply everyday people with all the tools they need to lead the healthiest, happiest lives they can. Karina is passionate about individualised treatment plans and supporting her clients to make small, easy and regular changes that amount to huge benefits. She brings to Bump and Beyond a wealth of knowledge and information about starting solids, gut health and general infant and child nutrition.

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Angelique Tzanakis
Paediatric Physiotherapist

Angelique is a physiotherapist who is determined to provide meaningful support to babies, children and adolescents along their developmental journey. She graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia in 2019 and soon found her purpose in paediatrics. This has led her to a post-graduate Masters of Advanced Paediatric Physiotherapy Practice through Monash University that she is due to complete in 2022.


Paediatric physiotherapists are movement experts for babies, children and adolescents who help them to overcome difficulties and participate in everyday activities. Angelique believes that each and every child should be provided the opportunity to move and thrive. She values working in partnership with the child, family/caregivers and wider care team to support a child’s needs. Angelique has experience in the assessment and management of neurodevelopmental and developmental conditions across infancy, childhood and adolescence. If she isn’t supporting clients in the clinic she is warmly welcomed into her client’s homes, schools or childcare centres.

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Amanda Lee
Early Years Educator & ELC Assistant Director

Amanda is currently an assistant director in one of Adelaides leading Early Learning Centres. She brings a wealth of knowledge on the childcare and early school system here in South Australia. She is passionate about educating families on they types of care options they have available, the difference between different care options, costs involved, navigating child care rebates and preparing for kindy and school options so that families can make informed decisions about what might work best for their families. With many of the lead centres booking up years in advance, the topic of childcare and how to navigate the system is something that new families need to consider sooner rather than later. 

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Donna and Brittany, Orthodontists
Teaching Teeth

Donna and Brittany are Oral Health Therapists and the women behind the oral health education platform Teaching Teeth. In 2021 they each welcomed their first child, and it was through this new parenting journey that Teaching Teeth was born. With 22 years of dental experience between them and an understanding of the challenges faced in motherhood and for children’s oral care, they aim to make preventative information more accessible than ever before.  The Teaching Teeth digital platform aims to provide dental education and preventative strategies in a relatable way to new parents, on all aspects of oral health from pregnancy, infancy to early childhood. With topics ranging from parental oral health affecting newborns general health, early oral motor development and function, how, when and what to brush, oral hygiene for both mum and bubs, and what products to use, when and why. Good oral health starts well before the first tooth erupts and Donna and Brittany want to educate new parents on this to help shape and change the oral health habits of the next generation.

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Therapeutic Play

Renee is a Developmental Educator, specialist education teacher, and the primary therapeutic play practitioner at Grow Therapeutic Play. Child-centred therapeutic play is an age-appropriate, theoretically-based approach to child therapy that builds on the typical communication style of children. ​Therapeutic play provides a safe space for children to play out their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It supports emotional regulation and social skills, aswell as giving children a space to test out new skills in a supportive and permissive environment. 


Renee holds a Bachelor of Teaching (early childhood and special education), a Bachelor of Disability Studies from Flinders University as well as a Graduate Certificate of Therapeutic Child Play from Deakin University. She is a registered Developmental Educator with the Developmental Educators Australia Inc (registration #560), a registered Play Therapist with the Play Therapy Practitioners Association (registration #0080), and a registered teacher. Renee is currently studying a Masters in Play Therapy at Deakin University


Renee is passionate about the power of play, relationships, and the inclusion of all children. This passion, along with her unique combination of education, training and experience is what motivated her to establish Grow Therapeutic Play; a safe place for every child to grow.

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Olivia McGowan
Founder of Bump and Beyond

Olivia is a mother of two, a teacher, an early years development expert and founder of Bump and Beyond. Olivia holds a Bachelor of Early Years Education and a Master's in Child Cognitive Psychology. An ambitious and driven educator, she has been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world, developing early literacy and numeracy programs in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Africa and the UK. Olivia is equally passionate about supporting new parents and their child's literacy and numeracy development at home. She knows that solid literacy and numeracy foundations are forged from birth and prior to entering a formal education setting. In her work as an educator Olivia aims to challenge the perception that 'education' only happens in the classroom. She works hard with her students and families to develop positive habits, allowing them to embed literacy and numeracy practices into life at home.

Kat Mason
Safe Sprouts: Baby and Child
 First Aid

Kat is a mother of two, a paramedic and founder of Safe Sprouts: Baby and Child First Aid. Kat's career began almost twenty years ago when she commenced studies to become a paramedic. Over the years, she has worked primarily as an “On Road” paramedic, but also as a Rescue Paramedic in the private sector, and a Combat Medic with the Australian Defence Force.


Kat is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge with others which naturally led her to take on a clinical education role. More recently she has taken some time off road to become a mother to two gorgeous children. Kat's combined experience as a paramedic, educator and most importantly, mother served as inspiration to create Safe Sprouts. Kat runs private and public Baby and Child First Aid workshops bringing a unique combination of professional and personal experience to her classes. She knows well the weight of responsibility that befalls new parents and hopes to educate and equip parents and caregivers like you with the skills and knowledge to save your child's life.

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Kate Veremeenko
Clinical Psychologist

Kate’s bio is difficult to write because she is still neck-deep in the throes of matrescence and, as such, figuring out how to integrate the different parts of herself alongside motherhood. Trained as a Clinical Psychologist, she enjoys working with adults, particularly in the areas of relationship challenges, adjusting to motherhood and parenthood, resilience building, and women’s wellbeing. Kate’s fascination with relationships and identity extends into her work as a personal fashion stylist. She loves helping clients reconnect with their bodies and their identities through the ritual of dressing in a way that captures their unique style. Lastly and most importantly, Kate is a mother of two precious young children, a girl and a boy, who although were born almost 3 years apart, might as well be twins!  

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