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Review-Bugaboo Bee-

Does the Bugaboo Bee live up to the buzz or not worth the money honey??

When it comes to prams I think its worth investing in a good one because if you live a busy, active life, like we do and are always on the move, your pram is one of your most used items.

Things like getting in and out of the car, bag space under the pram, ease/move-ability and the bonus of optional added attachments like coffee cup holder can become the little life savers that contribute to a smooth outing with the bubs.

I have friends who literally never left the house because the thought of having to lug their massive prams out of the boot and assemble them in a busy carpark while their baby screamed away in their car seat impatiently was enough to send their sleep deprived asses over the edge so it was easier to stay at home and avoid the whole dam process. For me I did trial a couple of prams before I settled on the bee and you can read about those also in our other reviews but what I LOVE about the Bugaboo Bee is you get the good quality and fancy design that comes when you buy a Bugaboo pram but in a smaller, easy to use stroller type make up. This Pram easily pops up and down in one piece so great for chucking in and out of the car. I have had many sleep deprived battles putting up my previous prams but this was so easy to use and the brain power necessary is minimal which suited me fine one my less than two hours sleep.

The fabrics are great and thick, easy to wash and designed to look good even when covered in yoghurt and water stains. The pram is light weight meaning I could carry it in and out of house myself (which is handy as in those maternity leave days as it's just you out and about on many of these mama adventures).

One other thing people don't mention often is where the hell do you put your big ass prams while you are at home. I found this a massive pain as we don't have a huge amount of pram size space around our house so when I had my previous prams they literals had to sit I our play room like an eye soar. Once I moved to a Bee I could fold up and hang on the back of a door in laundry for storage. This meant it was out of the way but still readily accessible at a minutes notice.

One of the best parts of buying into a huge brand like bugaboo is

1.The crazy good (and many unnecessary) accessories on offer and

2. The fact that other people have bought into the same brand and thus bargains are easy to find on Facebook market place.

Accessories range from fancy seat coverings, sheep skin inlays for winter, leather handle bar covers, coffee cups, bag caddies or hooks, rain covers, phone holders, skateboards for back (for additional children, not for living out your own skaterboi fantasies unfortunately) and the list goes on. Although many of these are OTT some make doing the food shopping a nice outing...and we all know food shopping is not a nice outing so that says allot. In my opinion this one is defiantly worth the money. I am still using mine and my bubs is now 2.5 years old so it has lasted well.


Value for money:

How often are they used:

How easy to assemble/use:

Do they do what they promise to do:

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