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Review -Hizero Mop-

A product that can mop up all the sweat and tears that comes with cleaning up once you start solids.

If you had asked me what my favourite and most useful mum/baby product would be

prior to having a baby I would never have guessed that it would be my vac mop...but here we are. I literally thank my Hizero mop, out loud, every night, like some cleaning weirdo. My husband thinks that I have developed an unhealthy relationship with it and I am not ashamed of that. Look before I creep you out too much let me just explain my love affair. This thing is amazing. It vacuums and mops wet and dry mess at the same time. In 5 minutes my whole kitchen is vacuumed and moped simultaneously with no hassle.

My little one has always been a theatrical eater, and all the books say 'let your child explore their food with all their senses' now that's all well and good until you are on your hands and knees minimum of 4 times a day cleaning up pasta sauce, pumpkin mash and rice from between your floorboards slowly doing the math of how many Cinderella moments you have left until your child is old enough to move out and clean their own bloody floors. Well that is all a thing of the past. Now I just grab my mop off the charger, turn on vac and mop in seconds (all wet and dry food can be vacuumed) and its done in seconds.

This is an expensive product but I use it about 4 times a day for small cleans and one big once over at the end of the night. It's great for the crawling stage also because you can keep on top of sanitising the floor quickly and easily after guests so baby can keep crawling without germs.

The company is fantastic to deal with all if you need new mop heads, cleaning product or a maintenance check. They have been great to deal with from the start. If there is one product I can recommend without a shadow of a doubt its this one. Get it early so you can make the most of it from the very beginning. Us mamas are busy enough and as much as we are told 'don't worry about cleaning the house in those early months, its just not laity, we don't want to live in squalor so we do end up using baby sleep time for cleaning at times and this is an investment that gives you back time.


Value for money:

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