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Do you want this modern electronic bouncer to bounce in or out of your life? Find out our thoughts below.

This one was a hard one to review for me as I have heard such mixed responses to its overall usability. I was purchased this beautiful product by a group of friends as a 'must have' item for my first baby journey. A couple of them had heard their family members rave about it so it seemed like the perfect choice.

It definitely looks the part with its sleek design and amazing features so when I unwrapped it I was so excited to use it. Im not going to lie I even strapped a teddy or two in for a ride so I could test out all the features before my Bubs arrived.

When we finally met my beautiful baby E we were quick to realise sleep and settling were going to be a 'struggle point' of our journey. Don't let the photo on this review post fool you..its not my child sleeping peacefully. I would have posted a photo of what E looked like in it ...but her screaming face may have scared you off having kids let alone buying the product. The mummaroo had all the features that you would think you would need to settle my possessed sleep monster of a child, it's smooth rocking, bouncing and swinging movement features, its cute black and white reversible to colour mobile with mirrors and rattles for distraction and not to mention the array of sound features, white noise, vacuums sound etc. So to say I had invested my hopes and dreams into it saving us is an understatement however never such luck. My baby hated it. She wouldn't spend longer than 5 minutes in it before crying for the first 3 months. As she got older it did become a good 'sit and watch station' for me to put her in when I was pumping but it's massive unit made it extremely hard to move around (not to mention it needs to be connected to a powerpoint to work which limited where it could go). This meant it was stationed in living room and that's where it stayed.

For us this one, unfortunately it was more of a dust collector than a must have. In saying that I have committed to storing it in all of its humongous glory for the past two years, holding on to hope it was more my Childs personal issue than an issue with the machine itself so I will edit post if this baby has more luck with it. I have heard similar experiences to mine from other mummas but also mummas who found the hands free settling time a game changer. Definitely an item I would wait to meet your baby before buying. If your baby loves being sat in a bouncer this this item might be for you, if not then don't invest. Its not worth the money and the storage space.


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