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Review-East Nights Blackout Blinds-

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Are they really a key ingredient to the elusive 'easy night'? or Do you need to throw these blackouts.. back out!

If you had driven passed our house a year ago, you would have thought our home was condemned. Our windows were completely boarded up - covered with newspaper, trash bags and foil. However don’t be fooled - this is in fact the sign of a desperate mother who is willing to do anything to make her child’s bedroom room dark enough for her baby to sleep through the middle of the day.

Thankfully I was I introduced to the Sleep Tight Babies - Easy Night Blackout Blinds. These incredible blinds saved our sleep - and I don’t say that lightly. They are 100% blackout blinds with a silver backing to reflect heat and keep your little ones room nice and cool. You can also cut them to size. So if your house also has a ridiculous semi circle window - don’t worry you can cover it.

The other great thing about these blinds is the velcro adhesives. They don’t damage your windows, remove easily without damage if you need to move house or live in a rental and allow your blind to sit flush against the window. Unlike other brands who only offer suction cups - which fall off regularly, lift the blind off from the window and let light through the edges.

If your little one wakes at the slightest sign of morning light, you’re worried about day light savings or you just want to nail those day time naps - these blinds are your answer. My little one went from cat napping all day to routined naps of 1-1.5hrs all because of these blinds.

Ranging from $60-$90 depending on size, they are cheaper than installing roller blinds (which still let light through) and come in 3 different colours (black, cream or white) so they won’t stick out like an eye sore behind your current blinds or curtains.

We bought a set for the grandparents place and for when we travel - we cannot be without them now. We love our sleep too much!


Value for money:

How often are they used:

How easy to assemble/use:

Do they do what they promise to do:

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